Comb & Prosperous - Lamashtu

by Comb & Prosperous

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Prosperous 12th solorelease, produced by himself as the alias COMB.Cover by Albane Simon. Also check out Comb & Prosperous - Two of a kind (Lp IDEAL recordings-2004)


released August 23, 2011

Comb & Prosperous



all rights reserved


prosperous Sweden

Swedish extravagant rapper/producer,started making music in early 90´s with the group PLANT OF TRAILS with DJ PORTER.Formed legendary ASSIMILATED SPECIES in 1999 with NADASDI.Dropped releases in masses during the first decade of this century, partly through TE.RECORDS,then IDEALrecordings,247records, joined BRIEFCASEROCKERS IN 2008 with the group ORTHO ACUSTO, soloartist at the moment. ... more

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Track Name: Guaranteed Fall
I seeeized to exiiiist...inside the walls you created just to guarantee my faaaaaall.. and now you´re begging pleeeeease, slit my wrist..and hide the tall, elevated dust, eventually my call X2

How do you do? How come it´s going lousy? I found you covered in decomposed vegetables in boxes made of cardboard, you never aroused me, your style herrassed me..calling me trashy..and way too hashy..wassup with the coke mentality and formality bound..capitalism sound, wearing a fround, making the groupies go down..worshipping the man with the crown. You used to float in wet sheets, and now you´re crawling the streets. I´m still invaded by beats, HEAT´S.. generating my stomp and runnaway, from the generation of replays, I displace, your discrace, I rip your face...BOOK..extreeme makeooover OOOFF...and roll a waffle..tasting very aweful..
Your coming pricy..but hardly ever spicy...ya slice is minimalistic enough to put in a pipe and puff...away in a couple of seconds shaken away, not making my day. I´m bringing the rain stuff..strangling angles of the medium miiind, stuck innnside of a bicycle..colliding with obsticles, created byy the mass..everlasting thaanks to elements of the paaast. Seemingly unaware, oobviously part of the prograaam...containable inside of a caaan..-recycle mee!
I killed the man behind the mask, he was borrowing´s one of a kiind, I would´nt miind, but the man reclaimed it...and he got fame, simple and plain, leaving me in the rain . I´m swallowing walls made to follow...totally possible to climb..why should´nt I just break through to the other side??..I don´t need no doors or metaphors or a catchy chorus....Let´s take a hike in the forrest, who´s jumping out of a cliff...Biff? ya nifty, wiiise, sliced and computeriiised...calculate the essence of the impact..using the same capacity of youuur everlasting popularityy...your jumping rapidly..within´the blink of an eye, gravity is your enemy, your salory´s an epedemy, I let it be...universally..your cursed to be...a freebeee

I seeeized to exiiiist...inside the walls you created just to guarantee my faaaaaall.. and now you´re begging pleeeeease, slit my wrist..and hide the tall, elevated dust, eventually my call, coming from deleted evolutions on a constant quesssst for capitalism generated by the engine of stressss. Im shooting JAZZ through your mind, mainly here to combine, the main vain of your problem, and solutions to find. It´s not a gothenburg thing, but you got hit by one of my trams, see I´m killing you sideways, for MISS..interpetating my tracks, still nothing you can JACK..knowing your vision is BLACK, go get yourself a SNACKPACK, interact with others being WACK? Gimme a call a couple of centuries away from now....You got the ball, knowing your ment to be afraid of skills still penetrates your ill will, of chasing cheap thrills....displace ya face..ALL covered in bills and burning wheeels. Come take a walk on my street, made of banana peels, tell me how it feels, living a lonely life of broken deals? a minefield, consisting solely of pills and LOST generations, facing changes ..abnormal...formally known as suitable for all futuristic, supposed ballistics, myy droohsticks of outer incense, recommend you choke...eventUally..gradually..smoking out your imagery