Gothenburg´s Most Haunted

by prosperous

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Prosperous brand new 2015 ep of 8 true inner/outerspace stories on beats by the alias COMB!


released January 10, 2015

Comb & Prosperous



all rights reserved


prosperous Sweden

Swedish extravagant rapper/producer,started making music in early 90´s with the group PLANT OF TRAILS with DJ PORTER.Formed legendary ASSIMILATED SPECIES in 1999 with NADASDI.Dropped releases in masses during the first decade of this century, partly through TE.RECORDS,then IDEALrecordings,247records, joined BRIEFCASEROCKERS IN 2008 with the group ORTHO ACUSTO, soloartist at the moment. ... more

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Track Name: Lanta Jazz Naps
Don´t you worry, ain´t no reason at all to rapidly rewind
Your personality explodes, I guess I blew your mind

I had to rewind your lesson of prefabricated pre-conceptions
you´re giving birth, lowering levels of the earth
I came to remind the guessing of elaborated commonsense
For what it´s worth, don´t underestimate the girth
circulating your body, blowing unreclaimed shoddy
I´m levitating higher, having a 3rd eye being watery
bubbeling humble,boiling,rumbeling otherwise and arise
Taking a look in the iris, the alterego disquise
For heaven´s sake, I´m made a mistake my empathy generates
over and over under my concious being sober
I know you wanna be populated by happiness and such
but time flies so be advised to flow and loose the clutch
by abstract wings, making tangeable things explode
into enigmatical U-turns on chrystal roads
Whatever the obsticle I superceed with tricks to pull
Spooking away the logical, you´re swimming around in chemicals
Moonwalking in no-motion with people being identical
Seemingly wild and freely growing backwards in captures
Heavily framed in characterised games and promising poses
Easily tamed by generalised fame in beds of roses.

Generaly my styles converting pictures to wavefiles
annualy my soul is a slave to my mind
don´t ask me if I´m burning my load, I got no lighter
don´t ask me if I´m dreaming about ease, I still do
and everybody knows the itch of dealing with recovery
hiding inside of customised lies, when nothing dies
I´m travelling on a frame realising noone´s to blame
My javellin through your game aint leaving anybody in shame
the bold universe I trust, same as it ever was
But gravity keeps sold controlled souls devouring crusts
heating surroundings,living inside of dramatised compoundings
bleeding inside of staggering gods on a quest for free will
in a crawling lifetime of grown relationships to kill
Cheap thrills on hills where open heart surgery blood spills
and though you sympathise with all kinds, there´s the bill.
I´m talking about a freedom without a victimised supporting actor
without no players, or illusion of ego factors
Track Name: Universal Striptease
I must be close, look at the size of your ego as it falls
People open cause of the wise overdose when they crawl
X-Large only cover the shown part of your mirage
stand in cue as I´m rearranging emcees in my garage
Minds told me to neveremind about implosive cold
Lying Einstein posse´s can´t tame an old soul
You rationalise and assimilate, while I explode
I truly give a fuck about generations being sold
Amma lift you up and shake you around until it all disintegrates
sit you down, look you straight in the eyes until you break
into particlesss, ironicly way illogical and bogus
Totally crush until you blush and start to laugh
realising your phony act´s a half in a rush
I make you feel ease, knowing it´s part of a mental striptease
the key is in the brain, where you´re free to be insane
Gateways to hell opens rapidly for the blind
Trust your instinct and smell, rooted like bottoms of a well
fantasise and taste in harmony with those unlaced
falcon eyed, untied, riding along where the roads are wide
when people die, they divide themself in views from all sides

Cerebral striptease
just take it off and make you feel ease
Mental striptease
your turning soft, blow with the breeze

Welcome to my circus, I´m juggling with planets
and the milkyway, dancing in a galaxy from far away
having a romance with a marsian writer in a trance
Who´s in command, I´m leaving you knowing, not a poser in brands
I believe in what we saw, why do you have to re-write your life?
knowing my outcome is raw, you´re all invited to my cypher
Leading heifers, swallowing likes and violators of mics
This must be the place, with billions of gods in a ratrace
I look at your face, knowing you´re afraid of a wild goose chase
suspended in time, climbing the web of unkind rhymes
You´re cheating love, over and over, wild wearing sorrow
Disconnect the illusion of self, there is no tomorrow
but an endless take of now, swimming in ongoing wows
Whats your style, I´m unresistable, the cry that makes you smile
My sunshine is making all robots consider suicide
Dematerialised, uncapable of controlling abstract
creations out of a free mind that bounce right of the track
Glitters and gold, diamonds and shiny lies
while the spiritual dies and destroys your childrens eyes
Animalistic truth flies in the dreams of the youth
cannibalistic whispers in tornados is fucking sooth
Invisible to the audience in fear following leaders
so i put my trust in faith, while you bleed as a maneater

Cerebral striptease
just take it off and make you feel ease
Mental striptease
your turning soft, blow with the breeze
Track Name: Everything Is Poetry To Me
Everything is poetry to me - My rain is dry until it divides and collides with the tears of a broken soul´s eyes

Everything is poetry to me - I was taking a stroll on exploding highways covered in golden ghosts saying - Take me to die!

Everything is poetry to me - I´ve seen you out on the fields, collecting people in suitable shields,
totally wired in disposable words, slowly whispering it heals
Does that mean I will make it to?

Everything is poetry to me - I never got to ride but I´m dangling, swingin´ and singin´ in circles in oaktrees covered in black roses personafying the physics of beautiful wishful thinking, in the blink of an eye I´m falling deeper and wider. I´m a writer and I´m proud to say I´ve lost my pride. Just give me your lighter and let me close my eyes by your side.

Everything is poetry to me - Say, wheres my cape? I minimalise the agony size, animalise and sympathise with energizing surroundings on horisons on arise. Then I´m flying slowly aligned with creatures being chrystaline and wise enough to recognize any beauty in desquise.

Everything is poetry to me - I passed out on a dancefloor and wrote myself a ride home on a rhinoceros being prosperous. Then I woke up in the bathroom in a cocoon next to my groom. I presume I was giggling while she laughed and pulled the trigger on the roaming buffalo hitchhiker, slightly much bigger.

Everything is poetry to me - I give it to you, while you categorise and put it inside of a box and call it music, cause otherwise it might metamorphosise into something else. I dare you to take a risk on a thing you can´t place on a shelf (:

Everything is poetry to me - Life is quite easy. 7 billion minds to blow and only one to grow. My artillery superceeds all materialistic needs. Take a breather and run for the hills, I´m about to wake up your leader. It´s primetime for all of you outoftheblue´s with a birds eye view. I know you´re tired of waiting for endless sessions of debating.

So when everything is poetry to YOU - you´re traveling vocals. Meet me at the crossroads and I´ll know you as a local
Track Name: Cat People
A song about two cats in therapy:
You don´t see
Cats in therapy
Need some clairity
So you might just have to let them be

- Where should I start, well they always come around when I´m chasing rats
They blow my cover and come close to stroke my body
I just wanna whip them with my tail and use my claws
But they´d start to chase me and tell people I´ve got flaws
I think that I remind them of a sense of independence
because they´re so controlled by common sense and evidence
I wanna be left alone to my own adventures and smells
So I´m guessing the conclusion´s that I don´t feel well

You don´t see
Cats in therapy
need some clairity
so you might just have to let them be

I´m one of those cats that make you smile
making you go home with a cup of tea and change your style
All of your friends complain and say - Just stay a while?
But then you feel like they just wanna place you in a file
I tell them to jump, they don´t say how high, or catch
I made you a perfect match, I call it itchy scratch
I wanna be trading places and take care about serious cases
You say I´m part of the wrong race, I keep on scrathing faces
I´m a creature of the night, I delete all rats in sight
I defeat you in the light. Could I take over? I might..
Think I´m cute?
Meeoo o o w

You don´t see
Cats in therapy
need some clairity
so you might just have to let them be
Track Name: Earthless Aim
From brothers and sisters and mothers and fathers
to all those unlisted and people who don´t bother
calling all by a righteous name, it´s all the same
come together like dust in dreams of a life of purpose

Kingdoms fall and grown paradise arises
the universe calls for a global surprise
from ghettos to safe homes of winners and clones
to meadowns of ringtones on dinners with phones

You´re measurement of happiness is moving disposable
slaves to desire with remains to admire
wireless earthless tiredness worthless stress
covering, hiding the cleverest

Armies of nothingness truly can not harm me
foundations are tangable to make you wanna pay a fee
it´s not inside of me, it´s in the pride of you
and when it circulates your hell comes to break through

I open my my wings and reconnect my third eye
who wants to win on a planet full of lies?
where you´ve become all of the things you despise
don´t wanna generalise but you better recognise
Track Name: Riders Of Atacama
Four riders on a journey in the desert
Stormy weather, blazing sun, dying horses
Followed by a whispering mirage in a beautiful gown
inside of a horrible masquerade of tricksters in desguise
A battle between pure hallucinations and serene vacations
in familiar sceneries being green
Rattle snakes and uncany sounds of bone breaks
in fear of making mistakes leaving you stranded
in transparency and slavery
Bless you mother nature said the weakest of the four
Lead us in your everlasting arms to any place without war
being similar the ocean floor

Riding for life
dying for sights
memories fly
give it a try

Reasons fade out shattered in the sand
My mind is out of reach, drowning in the sun

The strongest of the four run astray as the night falls
and fade away in the dark in a play where the undertaker calls
Echoes of moans in the wind breathing drones
with demons on stilts who stand in line for leftovers
and mesmorized vultures who can´t remember how to fly
The last of the three saw his wife and thought it was really her
He took his last breath in an oasis being a blur
Off rides the two in their shadows of others dreams
right into the sun of numb comfortable shatterings

Riding for life
dying for sights
memories fly
give it a try

Reasons fade out shattered in the sand
My mind is out of reach, drowning in the sun
Track Name: Last Night Of Rosenbom
It´s new years eve 1717 and I´ve been out begging for money all day. I gave it all i had. Mercy mercy. Cold winter. I´ve met a lot of interesting people. People with money and a lasting shelter. People who laugh and somehow always come up with the right things to say. Socially equiped. Capable of helping out whenever one of their companions slipped.I´ve been to alot of bars tonight. Been given alot of different things to drink. My vision is becoming blurry, but I´m greatful, compassionate, hungry for more. This might be a night that will last forever. I accidently dropped my hat in front of a captain as i was gently bowing to say thanks for showing such love and understanding. He thought it was curious and funny and said to me - Hey if you wanna get thanks from this guy, you better make sure to lift his hat! I thought to myself, Well thats an hilarious jingle I could use on my next stop, wich was the house where Mr Kolbe lived. I gave it chance and said it..He did´nt like it at all and punched me in the face and threw me out in the cold snow. What I did´nt know was that he really felt bad about it and went out to look for me. But I was hiding in peace next to the church, deeply frosen, heavily drunk and afraid..alone..alone.. alone.
They found me frozen to death the very day after..They raised a statue in my name and now I´m forever..thank you chruch, thank you Kolbe. I´m not alone anymore, might be back someday.
Track Name: Game Over (Not Really Version)
If only you would invite me to make you smile leaving badtimes
you gotta believe in changing styles and combine
the elements of an ongoing change without a slogan
or a logotype, thurally customised by the common mind.
I´m back on the grind shaking off my shoulder demons
customised reality drones claim I´m only dreaming
spending my evenings, unwinding slowly, who´s lonely?
Head over heels, whatever it feels like, reveals..
emotions, not necessarily trapped in ideals
You´re living an antlife when taking machineries for granted
I´m living a plantlife, leaving desires for the stereotype.
Whatever is easy to earn contains cheese to burn
Your eyes´s spinning, your nose groows with a mouth grinning
not knowing a player only love you when he´s playing
I bet you don´t even believe in a word I´m saying
Obeying is quite similar to being allergic to giving apologies for lacking belief
in your own relief. I´m slimmer than a golden leaf breaking inside of pride
with a shiny mist coming out of my mouth worldwide.

You pull your flavour out of a hat.........GAME OVER
Beat up your lady calling her fat...........GAME OVER
You measure dopeness from sales......GAME OVER
You wanna smoke the plant of trails...GAME OVER

All tied up, face down, unable to make a sound, I´m still a god
reconnecting daily without casualties.
I travel seas inside of vocal magnetic fields
You´re making deals craving pills and four wheels
without a disconnected moment to know how it feels
Who´s in the daily news? Who´s turning pale absorbing weekly abuse
handed clues of wich god to choose?
You´re given erections, selections, directions
valid recommendations until the truth is told
A four week vacation for rechargable souls
sleepwalking during the making, lucky when taking
happy when your so called opponents´s forsaken.
Totally hired and highly devoted to obey desire.
Give me a wire, I´m about to rape you sideways
metaphorically, you know what I mean? You´re left in smithereens
Feel allowed to blame it on the weather, it´s part of my team
A co-existance, uplifting reanimation.
of the elements and tendensies, all growing naturally
outside of addictions to digital validation.
I erase and displace your case and vanish without a trace
leaving you wondering clueless, is the damage outlandish?
Granting your wish made me realise it´s psychotic
chanting a swish you despise, it´s quite erotic.

Reduce the people in a frame by a screen...........GAME OVER
minimise the abstract to dreams...........................GAME OVER
Only showing love, boosting adjectives................GAME OVER
you stay above...til something gives......................GAME OVER