Plant Of Trails - Game Over

by prosperous

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Plant Of Trails is Dirty Tonic and Prosperous´s first rapgroup, that started out in 1995 and has been part of the Swedish underground rapscene in many many years. This is actually the first full length release in 12 years!


released March 7, 2014

Dirty Tonic, Prosperous and Elina Nelson



all rights reserved


prosperous Sweden

Swedish extravagant rapper/producer,started making music in early 90´s with the group PLANT OF TRAILS with DJ PORTER.Formed legendary ASSIMILATED SPECIES in 1999 with NADASDI.Dropped releases in masses during the first decade of this century, partly through TE.RECORDS,then IDEALrecordings,247records, joined BRIEFCASEROCKERS IN 2008 with the group ORTHO ACUSTO, soloartist at the moment. ... more

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Track Name: Floored
You´re making fingers snap, I´m making fingers glow..You´re making famous traps..creating rain of snow. I came to burst and came to heckle foes..don´t take it personal..but I can´t let you grow. It´s all over the´s even covering shoes..the way you came to abuse.. and let loose.. up in the wiiiild to DISStracT...and later erase..and displace the EXtracTs of the human race. You build a castle of ice..with televised cubicle eeeyes..the people despise..I wanna A riiise and really Improvise and conFuuuuse....diiSSecting your eyes, the way you played way too can´t relate and caaan´t wait Cause of the clutch...Needing a feeding, a Universal touchhh....proceeding, receding, impeding....burning the hutch. Takes alot of succeed without a goooal, and outlaaast the past, without becoming an outCaaast.....My situation is too much to graaasp..see my condition is my favourite, though People CanNot label It... Experimenting with experience, without a summarizing calcylation by a roooll to personafyyy. You wanna take me to diiiie, not even knowing that I´ll probably reanimate myself in yooou... I know the stakes is hiiigh..but I´ll be flowing in the artery of candidates...your shelf blew..into glittering smithereens...ahead of the mainstreeam...exceeding your vain scheme..I´m working insIIde of dreeaams....kinnngs and queeeeens innn controoolled fairytaales lacK. Things for teeens, grooowing cooold in jaaails rack.
You´re out of your miiind, I´m out of you´re wooorld, poondering..wandering, watering, wobbeling, giggeling freeely...handing prerogatives.. to people in creaTiiive..magic enviroments..(you) don´t have to be a naTiiive...You keep gathering poooints, I´ve gotta lot to giiiive..Let´s see what happens when you stop being polite? And the majority of your frieends is out of sight...I shine a liiight in your pendullum controoolled´s quite riight, like kites life flies....I wanna penetrate your coat of arms..spraypaint it from the insiiide, leaving you charmed, no need for aLarm..the shaaape of your soooul is unhaaaarmed...slightly rearraaanged thoough, letting your flaaames floow...insaaaaane memorylaaanes tends to shoow...setting it freee is only part of how we groow...The outer from the iNsiiide..mainly aatraCts..the beauty and the beeeast....who came to welCome the scenariooos... It´s like a plant of trails...It´s like a folktaaale...You´re not a fan of faaails....You´re looking kind of paaaale. But it´s allright I´d rather give you my haaaand, than leaving you´re ego´s socially braaaaanded. Taking IT for graaanTed..enChaaanted, plaaanTed, slaaaaanTed....towards silly rewaaards..handed out by thE conTemporary boooGus looords. Like thE heavY medication in the Ooldest waaards. Where the leaDer of the pAck strikes back when boored..and the cheater in the loveshack´s leaving you flooored.
Track Name: Dear Angel
Dear angel, can you read my mind? Do you feel the greed I underline? If you need a place to unwind, take my hand, let´s elevate mankind. Can I try your glittering wings? Would you teach me unworldly things?.Dear angel, if I break my faith would you wait by the pearly gates? See I made a whole lot of mistakes freely, but I followed the akes, really. Blindfolded, molded, told to my eyes societywise. Too cold to make me devoted, so I took my role and sold it to a minimized part of myself, sold out, I think on every shelf. Dear Angel do you love me eventhough knowing you´re so above me? Are you still attracted to beauty though living in heavenly shadows? I´m having doubts, thinking about your whereabout´s location, could it be I´m staggering unaware in the middle of your creation. Dear angel, do you consider the human race being angelic? Maybe we are defined as labwaste out of a defaced relic. What´s the prototype? don´t give me the monkey hype, it always striked me as being unlikely. If I was a paper would you type me, wipe me, invite me to your kingdom of souls, all deattached from bodies? Cause sooner or later I´m leaving the plaaay of being a waiter, fading away in editable scenarios, controlled by the bars of humanoids. Dear angel, I´m sorry I´m leaking my weakness, don´t take this personally, I´m knowing you´re totally free, that´s why I worship thee. I´m cursed to be quite obsolete, wiped off the seat, right next to me. Your ecstasy interacts with my innereye to unite great sights tonight. I´m a creature of light about to explode, nor black or white, not wrong or right. Dear angel, do you sometimes fall, crawling behind imaginary walls? You look tall, I would´nt even reach you giving a phonecall. I heard your music, energising, harmonising, tantalising. If I die would I be like you?. See I´m ready for my final breakthrough. Smoked out a couple of years ago, broke out a couple of tears ago. Pre-rolled, retold reality, people in cold formality. They interact, lacking sanity, exchanging vain morality. Don´t tell me it´s how it has to be, I´m on the road to self-mastery. Dear angel, give me the key, don´t fail to see, it´s not for me. I wanna open the gates for each and everyone inside of the breech, and the majority lost in the myre, so admired, totally wired, thrown in a fire of desire.
Track Name: Game Over
If only you would invite me to make you smile leaving badtimes
you gotta believe in changing styles and combine
the elements of an ongoing change without a slogan
or a logotype, thurally customised by the common mind.
I´m back on the grind shaking off my shoulder demons
customised reality drones claim I´m only dreaming
spending my evenings, unwinding slowly, who´s lonely?
Head over heels, whatever it feels like, reveals..
emotions, not necessarily trapped in ideals
You´re living an antlife when taking machineries for granted
I´m living a plantlife, leaving desires for the stereotype.
Whatever is easy to earn contains cheese to burn
Your eyes´s spinning, your nose groows with a mouth grinning
not knowing a player only love you when he´s playing
I bet you don´t even believe in a word I´m saying
Obeying is quite similar to being allergic to giving apologies for lacking belief
in your own relief. I´m slimmer than a golden leaf breaking inside of pride
with a shiny mist coming out of my mouth worldwide.

You pull your flavour out of a hat.........GAME OVER
Beat up your lady calling her fat...........GAME OVER
You measure dopeness from sales......GAME OVER
You wanna smoke the plant of trails...GAME OVER

All tied up, face down, unable to make a sound, I´m still a god
reconnecting daily without casualties.
I travel seas inside of vocal magnetic fields
You´re making deals craving pills and four wheels
without a disconnected moment to know how it feels
Who´s in the daily news? Who´s turning pale absorbing weekly abuse
handed clues of wich god to choose?
You´re given erections, selections, directions
valid recommendations until the truth is told
A four week vacation for rechargable souls
sleepwalking during the making, lucky when taking
happy when your so called opponents´s forsaken.
Totally hired and highly devoted to obey desire.
Give me a wire, I´m about to rape you sideways
metaphorically, you know what I mean? You´re left in smithereens
Feel allowed to blame it on the weather, it´s part of my team
A co-existance, uplifting reanimation.
of the elements and tendensies, all growing naturally
outside of addictions to digital validation.
I erase and displace your case and vanish without a trace
leaving you wondering clueless, is the damage outlandish?
Granting your wish made me realise it´s psychotic
chanting a swish you despise, it´s quite erotic.

Reduce the people in a frame by a screen...........GAME OVER
minimise the abstract to dreams...........................GAME OVER
Only showing love, boosting adjectives................GAME OVER
you stay above...til something gives......................GAME OVER
Track Name: Freedom Zoos. feat Elina Nelson
Slow your row and reconsider your trail, I know your soul´s for sale and where you´re going it´s hardly glamorous. Life´s an unfolded road in a holy grail, impossible to fail, life´s solely for amateurs x2

I used to wait for the perfect sign, wrapping it up on arrival, selecting the shiny parts and name it vital. But now I´m late generating finds, tapping up a revival, collecting the tiny arts, evading idols. Just take a look at the burning path right behind you, fading out in a picture being framed, craving a breakthrough. Whoever thought you´re about to hatch gave you a colourpatch full of varieties, and now you´re bound to beguild society. Dystophic prophecies aint futuristic anymore. Philosophic brainfreeze being jurrasick could start a war. Metaphorically I´m a rolling innerspace babyboom, dissecting casualties vocally in a newcocoon. You believe in a rapture, I´m all about moments to capture. Love, peace and poetry is my faith, being enraptured. Uncontainable, unable to categorise in a flatscreen, but how would you know? by the crosswalk, awaiting the green. It takes a couple of non-chemical ups and downers and a birds eye view to get off the glue of the self-abuse of being cynical enough to wallow in lifetimes of ignorance. My evidence´s been travelling all the way through human history, not mathematically, dramatically out of the 55 % of the true communication of mankind, non verbal, and the rest of the 45 % of the vocal explosions. Pic and choose, either way I´m sorry, there´s no way to loose. A consequence invites the outcome on a bangin´drum, no common sense, it never really ends like past tence

Slow your row and reconsider your trail, I know your soul´s for sale and where you´re going it´s hardly glamorous. Life´s an unfolded road in a holy grail, impossible to fail, life´s solely for amateurs x2

Surviving elements of change your relevance feel strange, my eloquence rearrange what never ends derranged operations straining out of a deeply rooted high, superficially in disquise, never asking why? Living a live of building walls creating a cynical ozone being affordable to the player, needing comfortable layers, breathing rapidly, composing invisible alter-egos, communicating with laughter for the title that you´re after. Finding a similar drafter, happily ever after? Gradually it unfolds, untold inside of your shadows, simple and plain, drained out of raining main vains in chains. Leaving all kinds of stains, growing universally. Grieving in minds and brains, blowing like they´re cursed to be depraved and minimised into a wise, controllable size. My kingdom arised as your cold institutionalised psychosis arose, and still I´m the one being diagnosed: A Prosperous bum, bangin on grandiose drums. I know what you´ve become, dying to to re-define freedom.