Prosperous - Fiction Overdrive

by Prosperous

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Prosperous 11th solorelease is very intense, he mostly worked with close friends to make it as personal as possible, you´ll get the whole spectrum, everything from deep electronics to psychedelic fusions, all with lyrics of serious topics vs irony, this is some next level shit!


released December 22, 2010

prosperous smea f.d.a.s.f.d.a comb porter fabsoul



all rights reserved


prosperous Sweden

Swedish extravagant rapper/producer,started making music in early 90´s with the group PLANT OF TRAILS with DJ PORTER.Formed legendary ASSIMILATED SPECIES in 1999 with NADASDI.Dropped releases in masses during the first decade of this century, partly through TE.RECORDS,then IDEALrecordings,247records, joined BRIEFCASEROCKERS IN 2008 with the group ORTHO ACUSTO, soloartist at the moment. ... more

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Track Name: Fiction Overdrive
when lyrics are made of kapitalism slogans
conscious minorities hand me the torch, give me the bluntwrap
we choke on your bodyparts, emulating chimneys
remake priorities, we abort, deleting traps x4?

Thinking of corporocracy really makes me wanna make mockery
of the runaway changing history, and trendspotters shaken of from me
exposing the rich to poverty, to regain the meaning of clearity
out of reach living inadequate, unwinded blinded ozones
a truly degrading violation of most of the youth today
robes preach winning all literate, unkind minded dethroned
crews elevating massively, in relation with a booth astray
..from humane solidarity, growing vains and trails of purpose
a general search is supposed to be fullfilling and revealing
try to keep in mind i was never ment to be sign or underminded
....making a package out of my current ponderings like stealing
prognoisis of the rapidly passing weather raining away
rehearsals of commercials are made for following ants in baggypants
reversals of the worst dolls for wallowing plants with shaggy implants
evidently i´ll find the key, to your molecules needing surgery
not the medical kind, but the radical kind
blowing obsticles,and pharmacuticles
..mainly rebootable, hardly suitable..
ironically..most of my known discography will rest in peace
seizing the day at the moment of existance
uplifting sunken ships containing acid trips...pre-manson massacre
...and fashion tips, pre-media syncronised, pre-occupied
dont try to divide individual unity bold community crowds
let it be told let it be known, let it be bursting out of megaphones
that everytime humanity feels inferior to the powers that be
revolution´s the only answer to superior dreams of faculties
digging a hole in the record seemingly emulating excavators
proceeding making up neo common courtesy..mind burglary
I´m surrounded by hi-fi repedetive disco chemical dolls
cocain mentality, goldfish memory, lacking sleep egos
..just do the math, get out of my war-path of burning weeds
also you´re playing a roll being false though, colosall!
apostles of the vocal booth nowadays= forgotten fossils
deeply rooted suupeeerficially reattached, covered in glue
simply booted crew officially ready to hatch, blurred in blue
particles dressing my eyes.. article missing hiding links
slower leaning sidewayyys, you wanna say i did it my way
circulating globes are dissconnected from distractions of past goals
favouring known affiliated assholes
....recycle the sense of being one, before it fades
arising youth inspect n´ correct aligned hoax
surprising truth, selects,collects whatever my mind smokes

when lyrics are made of kapitalism slogans
conscious minorities hand me the torch, give me the bluntwrap
we choke on your bodyparts, emulating chimneys
remake priorities, we abort, deleting traps x4?
Track Name: Season lanes
I look at the clouds, the way they´re moving rapidly
like something is happening, a change on the way
can you feel the vibration in the ground we left behind
is it hands clapping on memorylanes today

do you really have to prolong the memory of life as it´s happening
reaching.. what others came to decide to call preaching
avoiding the tide of your own horizons
increasing the size of the mountain of closed eyes
and limited voices...of multiple choices
musically convenient, leaning against.. a sceenery diiiigesting it´s own tail
unable to prevail in a timerange suitable for all
inscrutable creatures with converted features
remotely cued for artificial feuds, the winner is the most rude temporarily soothin´
show me your birthdaysuite, open up your hand, clooose your miiind, you´ve earned the loot
...tell me how you feel being stuck in a coup, sealed in a pariswheel reality
it´s all about to change...derranged sleepwalkers will eventually explode
i´ve seen it happening..i see it every day
strangeling the capability will change the inner gravity of any being alive..and it´s archives..
so open your cavities and breathe...fornicating energy moves from all angles...
immune to humane..alphabetic descriptions and writing systems
....wallowing in ponderings of other personalities considerings
two steps backwards, two steps sideways, two steps downstairs, the deeper the flares
soliloquy incomplete, literary unaware, leached to your own feet, staggering nowhere..
hounouring the absurd, glimmering the norm
watering the lawn, shivering in a storm
my circle is complete, not a cubicle form
my passion is reborn, tickeling surroundings
blowing all fuses, wiiide screens´s compounding
astounding, astonishing, hounust demolishing
of everything without a purpose, decorated in in handclaps
declarating syncronised gaps...
the way I´m prosperous is hopefully contageous..
you take a bite of the gleam, in a sceene of awake dreams
....ironically scared of distractions....
like bionically unprepared fractions...
of unfinished delayed, regained memories..
reappearing in the mist called enemies

I look at the clouds, the way they´re moving rapidly
like something is happening, a change on the way
can you feel the vibration in the ground we left behind
is it hands clapping on memorylanes today
Track Name: Absinthe night at Porter´s place
Absinthe night at porter´s place, dont pass out at Porter´s place..
Track Name: Ozone piercing
People surrounds me, complaining about the path im makin, shakin, breakin
into components sounding like dying opponents when i take ´em
i start from the bottom utterly automatically disconnect
you reach for the top makin a sideprone wannabe to correct
yours ever devoted dymano oppisite of sugarcoated
and the heavily loaded prosperous got lit while people floated
downstream fastlane...arriving unclean missing the last train steadily catching my drift, you´re thinking it´s way to swift
suurprising not advertising outcomes lacking minerales
i´d rather be giving a matter all of you animals are ready to scatter
opposing the fastlane, uplifting emotions in sync
facebook mentality droners scream i need a shrink
in the blink of an blind eye, you steadily drink, nevermind dryyy abilities to control
whatever the goals is, forget about where the soul is
i try to personafiiiiie the destination erasing the whole list
of mental whereabouts creative enough to compose doubts..
similar sprouts live in the hip hop industry, unable to handle enemies, cutting out unlimited chemistry, in a killing spree needing a random ransom handome spasm orgasm
wearing an uzi looking like fun, charing a woozie cooking hun
meanwhile i try to eliminate all imitating non-inovative surrogates
elevate constantly...being a sub society writer alive oouutsider
a garden spider chasing your wolfpack on a water strider!

Those who oppose these prosperous proposals// Posing a threat as foes and antisocials// Fo-sho, for now, Im piercing the ozone// Into your show to sincerely choke yo// Misleading channel that changes our mindstates// by che esing up your very tiring tirade// you increase the steadily growing crime-rates// and violate the code of rhyme driven annihilatas//

Im a trigger without a gun
+ amphetamine party without the fun
a universe without the sun
clubhopping rappers choose to run
when they see me growing freely
without a ceeling covered in perishable rewaaards
needy..frozen neon maniacs never oppose
the O.D mentality composition MC coma toast
taking out your daughters slaughter, hanging him high dangling sideways
in lame apologies and arteries weaker than freshmans philosofies´re not even a waste of talent
do you believe in a "face off" gallant
gravity changing writer lacking salaries can flow in bloom?
i presume you´ll leave soon, golddiggers wanna be on the move
economy changing tentacles detects erecting balance
it´s nothing to prove..just look at the televised part of the game
glimmering ravish rubbish delivering glittering deathwish
and the rest is at the ground of the podium where im standing
covered in unconditional love for the music, unprocessed chemistry
it also goes for those who know me close to me like josie
charing the same dream, wearing a frame in the shape of a growing heart
spellbound from the start, almost only apart at griiiind tiiiime
some things are hard to combine, eventhough they´re easy to fiind
i found my self in a situation lacking my own will
but i broke the chains and now it´s all about flowing full filled