Prosperous - The Brainchild

by Prosperous

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Prosperous proudly presents his 13 th solo album, that REALLY stands out in this day of age. He worked with local talents and friends only, to follow the continous experimentation of what he´s about lyrically, making it timeless and mindbending. Dj Porter is back as Taze Russell here bringing you psychedelic machinery beyond recognition. A special guestappearence from sMoKEy 131 & THMS from Stockholm (New Cocoon, Milled Pavement) The homie Olonaise is also back! Dynamo 414, who worked with Ceschi, Avatar and other big fish, joins the madness again in a legendary combo. F.d.a.s.f.d.a is the dubby companion of prosperous killing it here like always. A new talent called Jehova who´s been around in the musicscene since late 80´s brought horror to the darkest poetry track on this record. Prosperous alias Comb appear on several tracks of electronics, funk and harmony. This album is wholesome as fuck, a must have in any underground hiphop collection.


released February 14, 2012

Prosperous, Comb, Taze Russell, Jehova, F.d.a.s.f.d.a, Olonaise, THMS, sMoKEy 131, Dynamo 414



all rights reserved


prosperous Sweden

Swedish extravagant rapper/producer,started making music in early 90´s with the group PLANT OF TRAILS with DJ PORTER.Formed legendary ASSIMILATED SPECIES in 1999 with NADASDI.Dropped releases in masses during the first decade of this century, partly through TE.RECORDS,then IDEALrecordings,247records, joined BRIEFCASEROCKERS IN 2008 with the group ORTHO ACUSTO, soloartist at the moment. ... more

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Track Name: Slippin´on the ledge
Déja vu, déja vu ,I´m trippin on the edge of something new. Rendezvous, rendezvous, I´m slippin on the ledge of something old..
Track Name: Goodtime for badtimes
Goodtime for badtimes..I´m rapidly taking the pendulum´s stanky, decomposed umbilical cord, cutting it off..roughly, softly, gently...evidently thrown out of the frames of gravity..of freely animalistic, frollicking, risky, known behaviours heavily calcylated and faded into cubicles..unable to budge, holding a grudge in a timely fashion given away to the populations of a retaliation---9-5 clone federation, blown out of your whole gang is up for abortion. I´m writing a book about your dissapearence made for clarity...sincerely I don´t wanna be making a mockery of the trails you´re travelling by, but in reality they´re perishable and awful.Why in the world would I waste my time on information about your income? I´d rather be turning you inside out and get high with your outcome. Circumstances in my society´s steadily breathing liars..arriving in information being digitally crawl inside of your mind and make you unkind in confrontations and compromises.. take off your desquise of being a victim, it´s OK to be mad though real identification with the anger will eventually run you over like a moonwalking bulldoser, essentially leaving you faded out in your prefabricated destiny. I´m a giant covered in glass, reflecting all of your shady´s hilarious and horrible, still I can´t get no satisfaction.. I presume I stay tuned, knowing the confrontation between your alterego´s will implode and then collapse by your own traps. It´s inevidable being part of the last itch into your crimes. Takes a miracle to be separating the goodtimes from badtimes.

I´m a hitchiker, a lasergun sniper, constantly out for bikers, riding the life in the fastlane´s main rain all over you bastards, faster than lightning, re writing, dividing historical, metaphorical ,lyrical oracles, conglomorating multinational corporations expectations, with a teenagers dream of an everlasting fame, covered in chains to de-materialise your intuition into computerised blazing trails in utillised horizons surprising to the blindfolded, devoted couch potato, libido-lacking, cradle swinging, women and man-lookalike-consumers, baby boomers and late bloomers, surgically looking for perfect devices for the hell that rises.. doown belooow.Let me give you a roose of your final afrodesiac.. You´re put on a train with a one way track, I would´nt complain if you don´t come back, you´re buggin my brain with the vain you lack, you´re life in the grain is painted with crap... Configurate my sunrise, a letter of literate, high advise. You fall for the main call to corrupt your soul...who stole it? You were holding it just a couple of minuits ago..How do you like it now, they´re folding it mostly in image being cold enought to freeze until the end of it´s popularity at the hiigher latutudes and faaall into the ground of reality, cruched into particles, making the people read about you in articles being sad enough to make them remember you for a couple of hours, and then totally forget about your´s a good time for bad times..but I chose to not to rewiind the bad experiences in my life and put them in a gigantic backpack of monstrousities, sooner or later exploding all over the road I´m traveling make my fellowman or woman cry.
Track Name: Crossroad endings
You are a middle aged, mid-evil, medium rare, mainly minimalized cranium, swimming in my aquarium, containing a rare remedy of a rythm covered in lithium and delirium..clearly unaware of the surface and it´s whereabouts you´re drowning. Golden rings and glowing things aint able to shine or give a glimpse anymore, through the fog you chose to build on perishable foundations, reaching tall without concidering destinations, totally devastating, you found a pathway to the top of a hill without no sharpened skills ..You better re-write your wills?I´m giggeling while I´m writing this, cause you were the one in a limo questioning my team, on a constant quest of.... cheap thrill, fullfilling of.. someone else´s dream, bathing in cream, sooner or later you´ll come serene, eXpanding lack of words to describe the bold relation to your actions being untooold.Your distorted eyes crawls, personifying niagarafalls, I have to break your walls into parts, because you´ve broken to many hearts. I´m a cyclone being customised, looking exaktly like one of your steppingstoones
Meet me in the dark of the night of your selfcreated crossroads, seat me in the spark of a light in a wealth-invaded shipload. Look me straight in the eye and read my silence..forget about time -Rookie aint it a lie I´m needing a crush your rhymes? x2
"for each of a man´s sins a demon awaits" and this one generates...a total destruction of your utterly, a selfinflicted relatiation kind enough to explode outside of your bodyparts..I´m doing it for the arteries, flowing out of my energy..connecting the so-called enemies, to the citizens of the planet a rebirth..of a society of variety needing no boarderlines, being drawn by a..conservative past, believing in looking glasses and breaking outcasts. Broadcasting the capability of your it´s ment to be. Eventually making me think about suicide, when scratching your record..but it skips..wandering the next extracts..of a tomorrow not neccesarily being about who got money to borrow? Pondering elsewhere..following a hunch, being fully flared,wildly aware of the negative sides of wallowing in selffulfilled prophecys.I´m sligtly in the right mood to enlighten your fastlane..give me a torch and moondance to the beat of my heart moving slow.Frame by frame in a glanse, proceeding your start soothing foes.
Meet me in the dark of the night of your selfcreated crossroads, seat me in the spark of a light in a wealth-invaded shipload. Look me straight in the eye and read my silence..forget about time -Rookie aint it a lie I´m needing a crush your rhymes? x2
I know your building on cubicles ..and colourful qotes the man wrote. OH you´re doubtful, You´re not "giving a fuck" like 90% of your rhymes say?.. ..Close your eyes and realise....your alterego´s digitalised, your rollercoaster ride to fame had a final destination, facing yourself a singular being divided in 3 parts..cooperating with the main goal of perfection of somekiiiiind. First you got the body, solely looking for a new experience, next to the ego playing a roll of being unsatisfied when it strives for more. And then you got the soul, containing the everlasting heritage straining out of historical achievements ..of the universe, we´re part of. You chose to believe in flavours leaning back on the latest flare..opposing your health by winning, driving in cracks leading nowhere...It´s the end of the road and I came to reflect your story...refilling the´re wondering why you´re floating clueless, and crew-less, I´m leaving you knowing how a part of yourself probably knew this.
Meet me in the dark of the night of your selfcreated crossroads, seat me in the spark of a light in a wealth-invaded shipload. Look me straight in the eye and read my silence..forget about time -Rookie aint it a lie I´m needing a crush your rhymes?..x2
Track Name: Abusing the norm
I dosed off in my imaginary porch in the nightsky, I grab a torch and turn myself into a nice guy, I´m travelling waters where the air is full of giant flies = a bug slaughter, fully flared, I don´t like spies. I´m taking a trip I´m being stranded on the whitest..beach full of sunbathing creatures of tinitus. They say the tide is getting higher and they ask me why..I dissapear and start a fire in my new the wrong size..but literaly i minimalise and harmonise, covered in nothing but leaves. Taking a plunge in the green water being carbonated, having a lunch with a clean author needing elevated conversations..and I´m very happy to be part of it...but when it comes to the island, man I have to quit..don´t know my whereabouts...begin to be having doubts. Lightning strikes, I follow the crowd to the shelter, of blinking lights and hollowed ground for the welter. They say it´s coming on a quest looking for the flower, with a combination of the fantasy of ours. I say -Ok what do you want from me?...I´m totally lost on an island being stranded in a lucid dream. -Become the leader of the team and protect us, you´re given a freepass, getting rid of all the dust. -You mean the pirates on the raft coming closer?....What am I supposed to I doubt it´s possible to run through though?.. But the leader handed me a mic, -Chop em into pieces while heavily amplified, believe in calling things to existance with pride. I took the advice no matter the size of the opponent, calcylating the math, the summary´s a bloodbath.I´m waking up in my room in a rain of feathers, to brainstorm..I was abusing the norm.
Track Name: I was a senior citizen
As I´m falling from a plane in distant whereabouts in accelerating speed, indeed I´m beginning having my dooubts, thinking in gravitybound 360 degree perspective frames...with nobody to blame slowly reaching demise in cinematic slideshow animation bringing a part of my life passing by. Highly reliable, truly recommendations from the nation being my home, would never teach a credability to approve of a cold treatment like this, not even on christmas or any other consumtion holy holidays. I´m putting myself out there litteraly among the clouds, with adrenalin running through my body in extraordinary emotional outburts and laughter. The ground iis what I´m after, having a milkyway ceeling, dealing with difficulties of age, blended witH Irrelevant raaage, fantasising daily about reaching the next paage. I´m 82 years old and i got stroked a couple of years ago, disconnecteeeD from the leffft siide of my body, bloown into pieces on a mental level fighting against the physical, torn between leaning against the mourning and serene, clean illusions from the medical help in chemical ways, dazed & produced and bruised denying the couple of screws hangin´ loose, hopeless when dopeless, calling my nurse to give me a rope. - Ooh no murder she wrote, so I decided to come up with a grand plan, gathering all of my last ability to control my surroundings, compounding, founding there´s really a loophole. Days went by I´m figuring out a way to get high totally Legal, I wiggle and I´m giggeling in my wheelchair, all the way to the taxicab taking me to the airport... Took all of my money and I used it on a private plaaane -Welcome Sir, how do you do? -Well (I´m glad I´m not you todaay)..-I´ll try to make sure to be landing safe in my own way..Just fly me as high as possible, and show me the tricks to pull. Get rid of my boots, give me the parachute....See I´m a veteran when it comes to jumping off planes in theory. Full of gratitude we´re reaching latitudes, undoubtfully, Idealistic, presence of death. I´m given information by the instructor, but I´m ...somewhere else.. (can it be I should be corrected) Knock knock..on the shoulder -Give me your hand, it´s time to go..(defining a funeral is quite ironic being in motion) We a free fall..aas I´m reaching for myy kniiife..cutting off my safetywiire quick in a sloppy rush...I´m flying around in questionmarks sprinkled out of my company..40 000 feet high..and hardly rising...surprisingly exactly reaching beauty like imagined being halfway..don´t call it a tragedy, it´s one of the best ways to´s not your responsibility to be supervising entrapment of my body of restrictments, when preaching about freedom...I´m about to colorize the surface of the globe in cherry plum.
Track Name: The brainchild
Stepping out of yourself, walking in the wild, breaking the chains over the doubts being tiled
The weapon on the shelf, only talking when dialled... is awakening remains of the brainchild x4

You had a terrible day, you had a horrible week, you had a devastating month, and the crappiest year, decided to become aware, and beware of the flare, elaborating with the population climbing the stairs. What about the people on your path who were building your raft, without a doubt, bound to be helping you out with the craft. It´s..possible it happened to grow into something awful, maybe it´s because you´re treating people like they´re vodoodolls.. Protocolled thurally on a road becoming curly, in worldly observations in a hurry being blurry. Hardly investigated by your blinded inner-eye, Gnarly enough to label roadkills *fly*. Forget about a salary, growing in your rally, alleycats covering your path knows beauty. Editable calories´s glowing in your valley ..of anti-rats blowing your wrath.. knows booty... What about the changes floating in the wave? The liberation..from a society that caves, The brainchild came to free the pendulum slaves, it grows faast being identical to anybody. Synical and rythmical, coming in a chassi...untouchable. Sprinkling ideas when your playground is cloudy..shining all over the croowd of people wining. Teasing when being frozen ,without a reason. Holding the keys growing in slippery trees, in an everlasting landscape covered in glue. Out of the blue,inside of Dr Magoo, it´s like a a need of something to do, beyond the friary.
Stepping out of yourself, walking in the wild, breaking the chains over the doubts being tiled
The weapon on the shelf, only talking when dialled... is awakening remains of the brainchild x4
Still travelling by darkspeed, clinging to the ragged wooden toy is looking like a butterknife, cutting off all the negativity ghastly. Grasp me...if you need a slope..being tricky, flickering in thick, off-media precidaments, bigger than the trigger that you found on wikipedia....Can´t ever Seem to find a way to Stop feeding ya..Lydia Lunch inspired..and totally wired...Brunch with a crunch from an unknown desire, coming from the brainchild, needing no wire....All the way from the frying pan to the fire. Any day from the preacher of the truth, to the liar. You´re getting tired, swimming in the myre, fed up with the pipedreams, slowing down the whole sceem...perpetuating elements of being trashy....I caught you waiting in a tent being slashy..sleepy needing energy, looking for a symetry, never being Sloppy or followed by a with a black and white prism...I knooow I´m degrading to the wack....but listen. Duplicate your one track, animate your life back, equalise your wavefile, break out of the exile. Stay for a while take a picture of the pile, of the thinking that you Haad bringing obsticles. decayed in a trial with an itching smile, given a drink, being sad.. needing brand new angles

Stepping out of yourself, walking in the wild, breaking the chains over the doubts being tiled
The weapon on the shelf, only talking when dialled... is awakening remains of the brainchild x4
Track Name: Mene Tekel. ft THMS
Why should´nt could´nt I show you my inner I??...did I come to close to the bozos bringing the so-so beats...and the equals covered in your stanky sheets? I´m the baptist, came to attack the hi-jaking.. actors..innactivate and laborate, made a mistake, so amma brake free..explode in your masquerade. Hitting it, lately, killing irrational, elements dealing with ability to play..inside your mind, concidering a blow, with grand landmines being chrystalline. Don´t call me a hater, I´m a debater, your a masturbater, quite nothing at all without the mask like vader, later. never..ever at all ..clever enough to reach the maximum, essential, potential...entrance of your sen-sit-ive mind........You got a lingo, pre-fabricated for mingle, fitting in the realms of irrelevance....I think you´ve lost track right there BABY!Time will tell if your game works well...A blind generation of friction, gained control....generating safety addiction, my prediction´s ..not a prophecy..being selffulfilled..from an alphaville, angle with a future to strangle, put in a frame for the caving watchers. ..with a total belief in the illusion of "self" you wanna recollect...I wanna disconnect...the pendullums dangling tentacles identical lie never asking why! Take a few shots...dancing in blodclots, smoking a few pots, a couple of lines, and your still not close to com-pre-hend, I´ll pretend to dematerialise, surprise your desquise and.. minimize..the patch covering your censored eyes, Who´s ignorant?..can you try to pretend this never happened at all? Show me that trick you plan to compose..when the human race is facing a downfall? I´m gonna reach crawl...I´m gonna teach all..who calls..reliable things to existance, breaking walls, your ball..that´s right, we´re all in the same boat riding quotes of the past provocing the old folks.It´s neccesary---all the way from the birth to the dictionary..consists of verbal collaborations and symmetry, with making a change, uplifting "we", instead of "I" can´t resist the syncronisity, freely growing, covering daily actions, FUCK feeling satisfied being a fraction..My all about grabbing your brain, a close encounter...opposing the founder..of the charade where you played.
Track Name: Shedrug
We ate a lemondrop lollipop in a caramel carusell...slipped, fell, slided down to reach tha bottom of a well, with nobody to tell about the whereabouts, a love story being a non-australian walkabout, featuring you=ambivalent flower running routs generating power, finding me to devour. I met you in a u-turn covered in the ash of what I´ve burned..... A perfectly irrational match...brushing away my past in a rush....did´nt even blush on the night you captured me quite accurately, we exploded, floated, imploded.assimilated, changed the areacode inside, indeed it was an untidy riide, we arrived in pride...everywhere we decided to go I fastened my seatbelt, cause you wanted a showoff, killing surrounders softly ina co-op,sloppy, crop-formation often an obvious exhibition of sex and devotion, wich I found being very exiting, head over heels, taking a plunge in those beautiful eyes of yours. Impressed by the way you grabbed my soul I gave it to you for charity, knowing you´re hollowed enough loose the skeletons of the past you painted with damage, leaking through the bandage making you look like a rookie, greedy, needy amateur. I switched the light off, all of our wishes came true, fullfilled to levels belonging to the previously unknown, making a sideprone...straight into a ditch producing impossible heavenbound generousity..of wich I´ve never seen before in my life, not metaphorically...So now I´m a 3rd leg slave exceeding the limits of my own reality, divided in two, delighted walking in pride with nothing to fight against. Full of life.. lacking sense interacting sleepy on the rug, not realising I´m blinded, falling deeply cause of a she-drug.

I dissapeared without my usual face, days went by. Considering leaving a trace, finding my place, don´t ask me why..You came to close in the rollercoaster-riiide, mostly divided in doses too hiiigh, outside I´m covered in pride, internally I´m playing an intern, accidently winning a lottery, I´m proud to be walking on roses, two of a kiiind standing in liiine conglomorating out of the frames of time.... The passion got polluted by these arguements being phony generally when drunk and know?..anti-elevated? Waking up the very day after, making up in a sexual rapture ...Forgetting about the outbursts, I´m having my doubts... Eventhough I´m thirsty for whatever you got store, despite the war growing between us. I gave you a part of my life not knowing you´d be my life, 80% of the time was partly heavenbound, refilling my heart. I´m diplomatically incorrect, romantically, litteraly secluding your past and your dark passanger....Taking over in situations where you doubted me..beating me up, telling lies, your inner advise became destructive I´m not a victim holding a grudge from being one of the guys you toss. looking back I needed a change it´s never in vain..thank you..your loss.

Shedrug, hedrug, hedrug, shedrug...fullfilling my life to the maximum, making me look redicilous
Track Name: Flatliner boulevard
You killed me?Did´nt even crack me up before the surgery. Refill me?I´m a heathen, wrap me up, reborn urgently. I´m mortally metaphorically dethroned..can I use your phone? Better be calling my family..and mooan, what a tragedy. All I really wanted to do was pass away, foor a couple of minuits, but I changed my mind, loosing track in the other side. Seemingly wide..enough to divide, but you lied? You said it was an experiment being supervised to make you wake me up in any sudden complication being lethal..Can you hear my screaming or the banging on the walls homie? Don´t leave me chronically alone benieth reality, in a rally round the universe in a rosegarden being cursed, gathering information being impossible to rehearse,,what´s worse...I´m actually given a glimpse from the coffin..there´s no way??I was only away for a while??bring me back?...Unfortunetly now I´m thinking it´s just an accident....I´m the first to go in the my own funderal...without a bag of trix to pull to get rebootable.....can see your sad faces wanna be trading of the worst cases literaly attracting grace... We started out a couple of years ago, finding a trace..inside of a dream, taking me out of my own enviroments, gradually we started opposing science..quietly....the inner society became aware..violently
The consequences..from the experiments..made me relentless..towards the co-existing people in my surroundings...I found it hard to communicate without exaggerrating, gathering information of the aberration in real life. Everytime I passed away I fell into the same place, arranged in similar ways in rearranged scenarios, the other souls started recognizing my game plan..the brighter streets I ran, keeping it to the right to find a bike, I started chasing my look- alike, the fucker stole my mic, better be giving it back so I can wake up with a hearbeat. This very time the man was totally gone elswhere...I got confused and started wandering unaware, I need some good advice, generalising life to be precise, I´m a flatliner....not a pathfinder holding a map, slap the dream out of my brain, become serene... and reunite the team.