Dear Angel

by prosperous

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A curious letter to a superior being by a troubled human.


Dear angel, can you read my mind? Do you feel the greed I underline? If you need a place to unwind, take my hand, let´s elevate mankind. Can I try your glittering wings? Would you teach me unworldly things?.Dear angel, if I break my faith would you wait by the pearly gates? See I made a whole lot of mistakes freely, but I followed the akes, really. Blindfolded, molded, told to my eyes societywise. Too cold to make me devoted, so I took my role and sold it to a minimized part of myself, sold out, I think on every shelf. Dear Angel do you love me eventhough knowing you´re so above me? Are you still attracted to beauty though living in heavenly shadows? I´m having doubts, thinking about your whereabout´s location, could it be I´m staggering unaware in the middle of your creation. Dear angel, do you consider the human race being angelic? Maybe we are defined as labwaste out of a defaced relic. What´s the prototype? don´t give me the monkey hype, it always striked me as being unlikely. If I was a paper would you type me, wipe me, invite me to your kingdom of souls, all deattached from bodies? Cause sooner or later I´m leaving the play of being a waiter, fading away in editable scenarios, controlled by the bars of humanoids. Dear angel, I´m sorry I´m leaking my weakness, don´t take this personally, I´m knowing you´re totally free, that´s why I worship thee. I´m cursed to be quite obsolete, wiped off the seat, right next to me. Your ecstacy interacts with my inner eye to unite great sights tonight. I´m a creature of light about to explode, nor black or white, not wrong or right. Dear angel, do you sometimes fall, crawling behind imaginary walls? You look tall, I would´nt even reach you giving a phonecall. I heard your music, energising, harmonising, tantalising. If I die would I be like you?. See I´m ready for my final breakthrough. Smoked out a couple of years ago, broke out a couple of tears ago. Pre-rolled, retold reality, people in cold formality. They interact, lacking sanity, exchanging vain morality. Don´t tell me it´s how it has to be, I´m on the road to self-mastery. Dear angel, give me the key, don´t fail to see, it´s not for me. I wanna open the gates for each and everyone inside of the breech, and the majority lost in the myre, so admired, totally wired, thrown in a fire of desire.


released September 12, 2013
Prosperous and Chukchee



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prosperous Sweden

Swedish extravagant rapper/producer,started making music in early 90´s with the group PLANT OF TRAILS with DJ PORTER.Formed legendary ASSIMILATED SPECIES in 1999 with NADASDI.Dropped releases in masses during the first decade of this century, partly through TE.RECORDS,then IDEALrecordings,247records, joined BRIEFCASEROCKERS IN 2008 with the group ORTHO ACUSTO, soloartist at the moment. ... more

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